Olga Shurygina

Born in Mytishy, Russia in 1987. Graduated from Moscow Art and Industry Institute (major - fashion design). Lives and works in Moscow.

-Personal flat exibition, Moscow, Russia, 2018
-Cosmoscow 2018, The Dot Home Gallery, Moscow, Russia





Shuzbekistan is an art project wich includes photosereious I took during my trip to Uzbekistan to my grandmother Olga and plates with photographs. The plates are “souvenirs” from Shuzbekistan. In this project I am searching the notion of women’s craft through my grandmother’s life story and profession. All her life she was a pattern designer and fabric drawer in a silk factory in Margilan, Fergana Valley. I also watch and take photos of women-workers. Besides, I combine the photographs with Soviet flower-patternеd plates. Now my grandmother is almost 80. She can hardly walk. She draws silk skarfs and sells them to people she knows. Before the Margilan silk factory was privatised it used to occupy several hectares. Now a huge part is substituted by a Chinese market. The factory still produces some silk fabric but old proven pattern technologies are no longer applied. The china factory went private as well. It also simplified methods in their plates and dishes.

Plates: mixed method (print on china, gold plating)

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